The Out of Office Story

Tamika Hinton, founder and creator of Out of Office, wants potential clients to know what makes our small business special.

The small business environment can often result in employees wearing multiple hats. This was a common experience for Tamika Hinton, founder and creator of Out of Office LLC. After working as an administrative assistant and marketing coordinator in small business scenarios, Hinton found that this pressure, often resulting from challenged budgets, created an extremely stressful working environment. She reflected on her talents, and realized that she had a solution. She then created Out of Office – an Alabama-based, but completely virtual assistant company. 

“I knew that I would have to depend on the gifts and the talents that God gave me – which was art, graphic design, and being able to help others and support others”

            Hinton had a vision of a full-service business. Rather than hiring multiple employees, a dedicated virtual assistant would offer a variety of services at a fraction of the price to small businesses. Clients with challenged budgets would be offered everything from social media management, graphic design, administrative tasks, client services, and anything else that they may require. Today, this is what Out of Office does. Not only does the company offer clients these services, but also help developing time management and good employer/employee relationships. 

“I want my clients to know that we help them to have better time management skills. I also want my clients to know that we allow them to have better team management skills”

            Something that Hinton values about Out of Office is that it is a platform that also benefits freelancers that are looking for work. At her company, employees can set their own schedules, and also the environment that they choose to work from. The beauty of hiring a virtual assistant is that businesses do not have to pay overhead, and instead can budget for the specific tasks that they request. With Out of Office, clients can log on to their virtual office and have everything in one place. 

            Today, the company works with a wide range of clients – even some internationally. Because Hinton’s business is entirely virtual, it can work remotely to help clients from anywhere accomplish their goals. Whether your business is an artisanal dog food brand, contractor, real estate agent, nonprofit, or any type of company, Out of Office is here to help with whatever you may need.