Power Profile

Written By Allison Caravella

Tamika Hinton, our Founder and Executive Director was featured in The Birmingham Market Magazine’s March issue. This magazine is published quarterly and highlights notable individuals and happenings in the Birmingham area. It is community-oriented and largely focuses on local businesses. “Power Profile: Tamika M. Hinton” details Tamika’s journey to found Out of Office and her vision for the future.

The article centers around the idea of defying expectations, which is one of the hopes for Out of Office. Deviating from what is seen as the norm can lead to extremely fruitful ventures, whether this be in a career path or even marketing techniques. Tamika brought her creativity and entrepreneurial drive to the company and these are two factors that enable us to think outside of the box. Our team aims to bring this innovative thinking to small businesses in affordable ways.

Though it is a profile about Tamika, this article also focuses on Out of Office and some of the factors that make us unique. As a company created for the virtual space, we are an extremely modern resource for small businesses, especially during the current time of COVID-19. The virtual focus allows us to offer efficient and accessible assistance for marketing and executive tasks. By delegating these objectives to our team, small business owners can focus on other essential things. The profile highlights the value that the company can bring both to clients and freelancers who are seeking work. Individuals with an affinity for entrepreneurship and innovation might consider employment at Out of Office.

“Out of Office is a resource that gives small businesses access to office administration assistance and marketing services, so business owners can focus on the core of their business and ultimately create room for a more balanced personal and family life. The company was inspired by the rapid growth of small businesses and the need for affordable ways to provide administrative and marketing support.”

The Birmingham Market Magazine

As Tamika pressed through life, her identity indeed began to spread past the boundaries of buildings and stationary work weeks, and it was her faith that fueled the creation of her business Out of Office.

The Birmingham Market Magazine

Overall, this “Power Profile” establishes both Tamika’s journey and the vision for Out of Office. Our team is a resource that can help small businesses to establish their brand and further develop a presence in their communities. We work for businesses with big dreams, much like the ones covered in Tamika’s profile. Thinking creatively is a practice that was highlighted in the article, and it is extremely important to us as a business.

The website for The Birmingham Market can be found at this link. The article, written by Challis Wells, can be found at this link or on page 39 of the magazine’s most recent edition. For more information about Out of Office and the services that we provide, please visit our website or our social media accounts.